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2021 A New Hope

While 2020 turned out to be a down year for us all, many are looking forward to a new beginning in 2021. Although we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, there are a few reasons we should look to 2021 for relief. Hope is on the horizon in the form of new vaccines, all developed in record breaking time. A true miracle and something we can hold on to for the New Year. It may take another miracle to get the medicine distributed, but if we learned anything from 2020 it’s that together, we will find a way. In 2020 we also learned that our government has not abandoned us. It has ,by no means, been perfect. However, it has provided its citizens with tax relief, economic stimulus, forgivable business loans, addition unemployment benefits and non eviction laws. The cost will not come without great consequences. It is, however a crucial element to our recovery.

We also learned that every job matters. From front line workers to fast food servers, all have a welcome and vital place in our society. Without these heroes, some making only 12.00 an hour, our lives could have been far worse than it was. These people risked their lives daily and should be applauded and appreciated for the work they provided. We also learned the value of being good neighbor. Helping out people who couldn’t get to the stores themselves, making sure they were taken care of, had their medicine, or just

being friendly had huge impacts on all of our lives. We learned to value our loved ones although we could not be with them. Society could use more of this. I hope this stays with us. As we walk courageously into the future we should remember to share our good fortune with those in need. We need to love each other even if we can’t be with each other, and we need to stay strong.

If there’s one thing we take away from 2020, it’s that we are all are better and stronger together than we are divided. There’s hope in that.

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