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And Then Some

I recently read an article about how to be a success, not only in business, but life in general. The advice was, "Do your job, and then some." As I reflected upon those words of wisdom, I focused on the last three words. They may seem small and inconsequential, but they speak volumes. Now, we all have employees who do exactly what we expect from them. We get a day’s work for a day’s pay. That level of production will keep the cart moving, but won't get you where you want to go. It's the special person that takes the extra step, the one willing to do what’s necessary to get you to the finish line. How do you motivate the standard employee to become the essential employee? Unfortunately, I believe it cannot be done, unless your employee is a visionary. Bonuses and motivational rewards will work temporarily. If a quota is within reach one month, the standard employee will make that extra push. Ultimately though, they will continue to roll on in their comfort zone. Being a visionary means seeing the entire picture. To move ahead, this person realizes that if he/she helps the company to prosper, and gain greater respect and loyalty from its customers, they too will eventually benefit. As managers, it is our responsibility to motivate all our employees to be essential, to do their jobs and then some! At JAF we strive to give our customers the very best and then some. Visit our website at or visit us on Facebook.

Stay strong. Stay united.

“If you hit the target every time, it’s too near or too big.” Tom Hirshfield

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