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Socialism – A Failed Tale

A college professor came under fire recently for failing his entire economics class. How can an entire class fail? Well, it turns out that during a lesson about the differences between socialism and capitalism, the entire class disagreed with his assessment. Claiming that no system is perfect, the professor stated that capitalism would always be the best option for the people. Emphatically disagreeing, the class believed that socialism would benefit the people more, in that everyone would get an equal share of the pie. The class was upset about capitalism allotting much more of the pie to some while others only received a small portion.

An experiment was proposed where the class would be run as a socialist state. There would be four tests given throughout the semester. Everyone would receive the same grade based on class average. The final test would reveal their grade for the course.

Test number one went well for the students. The class average was a “B”. Everyone was able to see what they had actually scored on the test. The one’s who scored “B” and below were happy. The “A” students’ accepted their lower grade as it was for the greater good.

Test two arrives and trouble begins. The class average is a “C”. At this point the “A” and “B” students are questioning why are they working so hard. Why would they put in the time and effort into a system where they can get the same grade doing nothing. Here lies the beginning of the end for socialism.

Test three and the “A/B” students do less to get a better grade. The below “C’s” don’t do anymore, expecting the “A/B’s” to pull their grade up. Class average drops to a “D”.

Final test, guess what? The average is now an “F”. In theory everyone getting an equal share sounds wonderful. As proven, without people striving for excellence, the system is doomed. The only way for society to flourish is to give every individual the opportunity to succeed and reap the rewards of their efforts. Capitalism may not be perfect, but it allows individuals to strive for excellence, thus making society better as a whole.

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