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Work is like a bag of pistachios

Contrary to popular belief, people enjoy work. Yes, I’m sure if most people were given the opportunity to retire tomorrow, they would. But would they stop working? In my opinion, absolutely not. While working may not be the most pleasant part of the day, it does perform a vital role in our mental and physical well being. Work gives us a sense of self worth and accomplishment, allowing us to become successful and happy. Want proof? Work is like a bag of pistachios.

Let’s say you’re at a party and the host offers you two choices. Pistachio nuts pre-shelled or pistachio nuts shell on. Which do you choose? Shell on of course. Why? The pre-shelled ones are easy to eat. They pose no particular threat. Just grab a handful and shove them into your mouth. Sure, they satisfied your hunger, but not much else.

The shell on pistachios prove a little more challenging. Each nut must be broken out of its prison individually. Once pried open, satisfaction rushes over you as you triumphantly stuff the little prize into your mouth. And you can’t eat just one. No,no. We want the job to start all over again. We need that feeling of excitement that comes along with doing something worthwhile.

If that isn’t enough proof for you, here’s where it gets interesting. Once in a while you come across that one pistachio that’s on total lockdown. It’s clamped tight. Do you throw it away and move on to another, easier mark. Of course not. This one is personal. One of you is not getting out of this situation unscathed. I have two ways to approach this. First, I fingernail it and pull until I lose a thumbnail. If that method fails I try using the pressure method. I bite down with just enough force to break the seal. Too little and you’re eating shards of pistachio shell. Too much and you may lose a tooth. Where’s the thrill in pulling a pre-sheller out of a bag when you can you can Uber yourself to the dentist for some spontaneous bridge work. Pistachios can be like a low level game of Russian Roulette. I enjoy living on the edge. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You just have to work for it.

At JAF we work hard to ensure that your job meets every one of your expectations. Whether it be die cutting, stamping, embossing, coating or hand assembly, our staff is fully qualified to make your job the best that it can be.

As an added bonus, JAF is dropping it’s prices due to the effects of COVID 19. Look here for our money saving offers to come within the next few months.

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