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No Pigs Allowed

On Thursday May 28th, I found two articles in Newsday that caught my eye. The first was about a Bellport wholesaler that was gouging its prices of Lysol disinfectant. The price more than doubled to distributors and as a result to consumers. A single can that originally sold to consumers for between $5.00 – $8.00 was selling for as much as $16.99. I understand these are uncertain times and costs have risen for all of us. Even the costs to the wholesaler to make sure he met COVID safety standards are reasonable. However, the demand for Lysol skyrocketed. I would think that selling more cans at reasonable prices would have been more prudent than selling the same for double the amount. Gordon Gecko’s mantra from the 1980’s movie, Wall Street, “Greed is good,” does not benefit anyone in the end. As someone close to me always says, “There’s room for the bears and the bulls, but not the pigs.” The wholesaler is being sued by the State for price gouging.

The other article is about a pharmacist from Fort Salonga. One of the many crimes he committed was that he bought $200,000 worth of N95 masks and sold them to doctors and funeral homes at a 50% markup as the pandemic raged on. As we all know, these masks were desperately needed by our front line workers. Doctors, nurses, EMT, fire and police officers all would benefit from wearing these life saving devices. This man valued greed over the safety of others.

Rising costs have resulted in all of us feeling the stress of finding creative ways to pay the bills, without hurting our customers. JAF’s pricing has remained steady and will continue to do so as long as the economy will allow. If we stay the course for the greater good, we all will come out of this pandemic stronger than before, with our dignity intact! JAF would like to thank all of its loyal customers for staying the course as we have. Together we will prevail! United we cannot fail! Visit our website at or follow us on Facebook.

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